How to Draw a Lake

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The first step to drawing a lake is drawing the guidelines for the ground and scenery. Start by drawing out two solid ground sides as you see here and then draw a line in the background that ends or begins your lake.


Now that you have the guidelines drawn for the land and water, you can start sketching in the foliage that surrounds your pretty lake. I sketched in a bunch of pine trees and that is the beginning guidelines you see here. Once your tree guidelines ar   


You will now start sketching out the guidelines for the mountains that will set as the background for you lake. Of course you can choose to draw something else as a background, but for me I drew some nice high, bold mountains. Once your background gu   


All you have to do here is sketch out all the detailing that mountains have to emphasis on the texture of these rocky hills. Once you have done that, you can start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to prepare your scener   


Well guys, you have just learned "how to draw a lake step by step". How fun was that? Wicked right? I know, it was super easy. I hope you join me next time when I take you guys on another drawing adventure!

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November 17, 2009

Description: I think it is time that I take it down a notch and submit a lesson based on something that all people enjoy looking at for long periods of time for relaxation, and mind clarity. My uncle lives about two hundred feet from a lake and when I was there a few weeks ago, I made a note to myself to sketch out a lake scene and submit it as a tutorial. Well, that is exactly what I did yesterday. I will teach you "how to draw a lake, step by step" and believe me it isn't all that hard to accomplish at all. Drawing a lake can be so much fun because there is so many objects and animals that you can include with your scene. For instance, animals drink by lakes when they are in need of water right? Well, wouldn't it be cool to draw a deer drinking by a lake with it's young fawn. Or how about a bear with her cubs eating a fresh salmon or trout straight from the waters of a clean flowing lake. I love looking at lakes when the sun is about to set and if I'm lucky enough, the sun and sky will be an orange color making the view all the more beautiful because it reflects on the water like a mirror image. Whenever you draw any kind of landmass you should always look at reference pictures whether it be from a book, or from an image you have stored in your mind. I think when you learn "how to draw landscapes", you increase your skill level when it comes to drawing scenery, and backgrounds. I think you will have fun learning "how to draw a lake". Remember, you can use one of the tutorials I have on the site to add in a deer, bear, or moose as they drink, play, or eat in front of your lake scene. I have to go once again, but like always I will be back. Have fun guys and happy drawing!

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