How to Draw a Safari

How to Draw a Safari
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You will begin by drawing the land line which goes horizontally across your paper. When that is done draw in the three limb frame guide for the Savannah tree.


Up next, you will draw in the tree starting at the base. When that is done draw the various limbs that will be filled with foliage.


Now you can draw the leaves which should be done in bunches or sections. Savannah trees have dense sections of leaves.


Now that the tree is done you can draw in the first silhouette which is the elephant. Start at the back, and work your way to the front.


Behind the mother elephant you will draw in the baby. As you can see it's much, much smaller but you will tackle this task the same way you did the mother elephant.


Cream Draw in the defined line of the ground which should be rocky. When that is done start drawing the zebra which is casually walking about. You can choose to make as many safari animals as you wish, these are just the basic ones.


For the last drawing step all you have to do to complete this silhouette of a safari is draw in your giraffe. He should be playful looking and eager to run. If you made mistakes you can erase them now.


Once the entire drawing is colored in, you should have yourself a nice drawing of a safari.

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May 22, 2014

Well this is a lesson that I haven't seen before by anybody on Dragoart including myself. As I was browsing through some of the scenery lessons, I noticed there wasn't any at all on "<strong>how to draw a Safari</strong>", step by step. Since I love the look of silhouettes, I wanted to make my safari lesson in that form. In the tutorial you will be drawing silhouettes of a mother and baby elephant, a zebra, and of course a giraffe. In the background is a typical savanna tree that you almost always see in safari pictures. I made sure that the tut stayed simple to follow and replicate so have an awesome time and left me know if you liked this lesson. Thanks guys.

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