How to Draw an Eight Ball

How to Draw an Eight Ball
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Like the first skull I submitted, draw a circle for the head and then add the shape and lining for the jaw and chin. You will then add the facial guidelines.


The easiest thing to do now is draw the sides of the skull, and then draw the predominate cheek bones. Move onto the lining process for the grooved lines for the upper jaw for the teeth.


Before you draw anything else, you need to sketch out the shape of the jaw and chin as you see here. Next draw the teeth for both of the top and bottom row of teeth. Next, draw the pool stick and then add the lining detail for the tip. Lastly for thi   


You are now ready to draw out the eye sockets, and then draw the detailing lines that surround the eyes. Next draw a circle in the middle of the forehead which will be for the eight ball. Now you are ready to draw out the flames that are rising from    


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw the number eight on the ball, and then draw out the shape of the hollow nose. Next, draw the numbers on the two balls behind the skull, and then add some crackling detailing to the pool stick. Las   


Look how awesome your drawing looks now. You can now color in the drawing and hang it on your wall, tape it to your book cover, or use this cool design for a future tattoo. That's it, your done. Great work guys, and make sure you join me for another    

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March 2, 2010

This is going to be the last skull sketch that I will submit today. I just wanted to draw a couple different types of skull drawings that where fresh and cool. The game of pool is a very popular and fun activity for a lot of men, women, and children. People of all ages enjoy playing pool because it is just a really fun sport to take part in. There is even pool competitions that take place every year which can be watched on a specific channel on cable TV. This lesson is going to show you an alternative version to learning "<em>how to draw an eight ball</em>" step by step. As you know the eight ball is the ball the determines the entire game of pool. Just one wrong poke of a stick can cost you the game if you shoot that 8 ball in either pocket when the time is not right. This flaming skull version that I sketched, came out looking incredibly cool. I know for a fact that you will all get your eyes worth when you see this tutorial. The best part is, it's going to be a snap to draw. I have also included a pool stick that the skull is meanly biting on to show his frustration with the games outcome. I also drew in two other pool balls that I always seem to miss no matter how many times I play the game, the two and the five, both solid colored balls, but you can draw stripes on both balls and turn them into a fifteen or a twelve. Well, that does it for me, I will be back with more drawing fun so stay tuned in and have a fun filled happy drawing day. Adios!

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