How to Draw Chibi Lorita Gothic Girl


First draw a circle for her head, then you will draw an up side down triangle for her body. Then draw a rough shape of her skirt.


Now draw guidelines to mark her face, hair and outfit.


Follow the guidelines you’ve just did and draw a very rough outline of her entire body.


Now you will clean up the outlines you’ve drawn on step 3. Draw some tules under her skirt as well.


Now draw her face. Make sure you draw her eyes as big and round as possible to give her that innocent look. Her you will only need to draw a dot for her mouth. Then you will fill in her accessories and bows and flowers on her outfit. Draw few more tu   


Add on details in her outfit and hat. Then draw the hair lines and some fold line on her skirt.


And we did it! Now all you have to do is fill in the colors. Isn’t she cute? See you all next time.

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January 13, 2017

Description: Hey guys! Today I am going to show you how to draw a chibi Lorita Gothic girl step by step. Since this is a chibi style, it shouldn’t be that hard to draw. Lorita Gothic – known as Black Lorita in Chinese, is a more dark and creepy version of a Lorita. I have to say that the first time I’ve seen the Lorita girls, I was a bit freaked out, I have to admit that I thought they were kind of kinky in some ways, maybe because of the maid apron. But after I saw a Japanese movie – Kamikase Girl, I started to think Lorita is a pretty interesting sub culture. (If you have not seen the movie yet, and if you love Japanese manga, you have to check it out!) During comic conventions seasons, we used to see Loritas everywhere, and that was pretty interesting. Though in Taiwan, a lot of people associate Lorita with punk rock, which I am not particularly fond of. I think they are a fascinating sub culture, but I don't believe that they have anything to do with punk rock what so ever! But that's just my little opinion. Well I hope you all have a good time drawing with me today, and I will do a regular Lorita tutorial in the future as well. So stay tune and I will see you all in my next tutorial!

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