How to Draw a Playboy Bunny


Start off by drawing the body frame for your Playboy Bunny. This should include the head, torso and bottom body guides like you see here.


Up next, sketch out the actual shape of her face structure and be sure to include the outline of her ear. You will also add the hairline as well.


This step can be changed to look like anyone you want. I just drew a random face. Draw in the nicely arched eyebrows and color them in, then draw the eyes, nose and mouth. Because she is a Playboy Bunny, I wanted her to look seductive.


We will draw in the hair first which should be long and fluffy just like a rabbits hide, then draw in the Playboy Bunny ears which is a headband.


Create the shoulder and arm like you see here. Her hand is posed next to her face in a relaxed manner. Once that is complete you can draw some of the Playboy collar as well as the cuff.


Take your time as you tackle this step because this is where you will be drawing out the nicely shaped curvy body. Draw the top half first, then draw the front of the thigh and the nicely rounded buttocks. Don't forget to define the back arch with di   


Draw in the other arm and then draw the panty line for the suit. Add the bunny tail and draw the rest of the legs. Erase your guidelines and mistakes than you are done.


Here is the line art for your Playboy Bunny. Now you can color her in and show off the work.

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November 3, 2017

Description: Here is a concept that I think folks will really enjoy. I personally can't believe that I never did this lesson in the past, but that's probably because I'm not a dude or am familiar with the whole concept. Up next, we will learn how to draw a Playboy Bunny, step by step. When you hear the name 'Playboy Bunny' most people automatically think that it's a girl dressed up as a bunny who live at the Playboy Mansion when actually they are waitresses at the Playboy Club which is a nightclub chain created in 1960. Girls who work as Playboy Bunnies dress in a Bunny Suit that consists of a skimpy body suit, cuffs, a bow tie, bunny ears and a puffy bunny tail. This drawing showcases their beautiful bodies and skimpy bunny suits. I do hope folks like this lesson. I will be back with more fun and exciting tuts in a few so stick around.

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