How to Draw a Pierced Heart

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The first thing you are going to do is draw out the shape of a heart. You can choose to draw the size and shaped heart you see here, or design your own heart. Next, draw the detailing lines on the arches and bottom point of the heart like so, and be    


Before drawing your pins, needles, and nails, you will need to draw the guide lines for them. Start this step by adding the lines scattered on the heart like so, and then move to step three.


Start by drawing four nails in this step. Take your time so the stem of the nails, as well as the flat tops come out looking like nails. You can see I drew some of them in crooked. This is supposed to symbolize how painful the pierce was when the hea   


You will now draw in the pins and needles as well as some more nails. There is also a large nose ring or facial piercing ring that is on the bottom of the heart. Sketch in the dimple detailing around the entrance of each hole, and then add detailing    


For your last drawing step, all you need to do is draw more needles and more nails. You can also choose to draw any other type of sharp object to pierce your heart with. Again, detail and define the heart's surface and then clean up your mistakes.


When you are all done you can start coloring in your heart to your liking. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on drawing a pierced heart.

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February 24, 2012

Description: I told you all that I had some amazingly cool tutorials for you all today, and I plan on uploading them all. I was going to have everything submitted early, but I had to run to the store which held me up a few hours. So here I am back with more drawing fun. Up next, I will be giving you a lesson on another cool heart design that will be a big hit with all you heart design lovers. This is actually an awesome tattoo idea for girls that want to express that they have been hurt more than once in their lifetime. I present to you, "how to draw a pierced heart", step by step. This is going to be a super exciting heart to tackle because there is so many different types of objects that is piercing the hear. Not only is there needles, there is also nails, pins, and even a hoop that is commonly found in an eyebrow, lip, or ear. The coloring can be universal which means you can choose shades of your liking. This is such a fun and unique heart to recreate, so if you love tattoo art, you will most definitly love drawing a pierced heart! I have to bounce out of here so I can get the rest of the lesson uploaded. Peace out and enjoy!

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