How to Draw a Valentine Heart, Valentines Heart

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Start with a vertical line for the center of the heart. This will help you make the point in the center of your heart.


Starting from the top of the vertical line you just drew, begin drawing your heart one side at a time and connect them at the base where a tip will form.


Next, slowly draw in the ruffle that surrounds your hearts edge like so, and notice how the ruffle gets smaller towards the center of the heart, and the end or point of the heart.


For me I chose to go with an 'I Love You' inscription, but you can choose any phrase you like that best describes how you feel about your Valentine. It's a good idea to clean up that vertical line before you write your phrase.


Here is what you end up with when you are all done. Color in your Valentine heart and give it to that special someone in your life.

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January 31, 2012

Description: For some reason I just can't stop making these Valentine’s Day lessons. Today I have some special tutorials coming up and I can almost guarantee that what you will see before you will be like OMG yes finally! Before I get to the fun stuff, let me start by showing you guys an easy way you can "draw a Valentine heart", step by step. There are so many different ideas that come to mind when making these types of hearts because hearts can be drawn in so many ways. For me I decided to go with something that was a bit different, and that took me to my younger years. This Valentine heart that you will draw has some pretty ruffled lace around the edges. I used to see this type of heart all the time when I was younger. My dad used to by my mother a heart shaped box of chocolates that had ruffled lace edging. The pretty embroidered edge decorated a sued style box very lovingly. Now today, you will get the chance to teach yourself "how to draw a Valentine heart" in this same fashion. Let me get out of here so you can get busy. I shall return in a bit so stay tuned in. Peace people and don't forget to write the words 'I Love You' on the surface, or something else to that manner.

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