How to Draw a Ninja Tattoo, Ninja Tattoo

How to Draw a Ninja Tattoo, Ninja Tattoo
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You will be drawing a ninja face with two katana swords crisscrossed under the mask. Start by drawing a circle for the head and then draw the handles and guides for the swords.


You will be sketching out the lower half of the ninja's face. As you can see the cheeks have plenty of grooves as the jaw structure has angles.


Next, thicken the shape you made for the head and then draw in the slice down the corner of the head which was made by a sword. As you can see the material from the mask is also damaged which means you have to draw the torn mask as well. The lower pa   


If I didn't mention before, the kanji on the ninja's forehead says honor. You will finish drawing the word out like so, and then begin drawing the very sharp looking eyes. Thicken the lining around the eyes like so, and then sketch in some detailing    


I'm proud to say that you are almost done with your drawing. Here you will draw the flaps from the mask ties which are also torn or tattered. Swoop them over to the right and then move to step six when you are all done.


Here you will draw the first katana sword. Don't worry about detailing it now, you can do that when you draw the other one which will crisscross under this sword.


Like I said, draw another katana sword under the first sword you made in step six. When that is done you cam move to step eight.


Add the detailing to the blade. In this case I made the sword blades double edged which means they are sharp on both sides. Sketch in the diamond detailing on the handles and hand guard like so, and then erase any mistakes you have made along the way   


Your finished ninja tattoo should come out looking like the one you see here. Now you can color in your work and show folks what you have done, or take the line art to your favorite tattoo artist for an inking session.

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February 24, 2012

Well guys, here is another awesome tattoo design that is going to blow your mind especially if you are into ninja related stuff. Here I will try to use a tutorial that shows you "<strong>how to draw a ninja tattoo</strong>", step by step. I have done a few ninja figures over time, but never one for tattoo purposes. Some of the ideas for the design came from various places which I then turned into my own tattoo design. The coloring was a bit tricky to conjure up because I know that ninja wear all black, or all white gi. If I colored the drawing in all white, there wouldn't be too much excitement, which means people won't be as attracted to click on the lesson. I like coloring my work so that it gives off a fun, exciting feel. This also leads people whether you are a visitor or member, to click on the lesson and try out your skills. I want folks to try all the tutorials on the site no matter how difficult they may seem. The only way to get good at drawing is to draw everyday. In my case I have been drawing everyday since I was fourteen for up to sixteen hours a day. Yes, I love drawing that much. Anyways, this is definitely a tutorial to not pass up because it's something that has a lot of energy. I had a lot of fun creating this ninja, even though I came across some bumps in the road. Well, that's about it. I'm going chop my way out of this description because there is much more in store coming your way. Peace out to those that love drawing, and to those that love art.

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