How to Draw a Necromorph

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Begin this step with the basic framework for the Necromorph. This will include sketching out the guide work for the arms, legs and head. Focus more on the head so you can draw the body accurately. It is very important to keep that tip in back of your   


In this simple little step, sketch out the beginning details of the Necromorph's facial features. Begin sketching out the shoulders as well."Drawing a Necromorph" at this stage is important because of the facial details that makeup the head.


Start this step off by sketching out the rest of the arms and the torso. It's important to give this Necromorph a warped and tangled look because the virus mutates the body's normal functions. Make sure you keep in mind that the human body is no long   


This might be a difficult step for some of you novice artists but try to keep in tune with the guidelines. Sketch out the large scythes that protrude from the inner palm of the hands. Sketch out at the abdomen torn pieces of flesh where the smaller a   


Sketch out the large gash that rips across the torso and into the jaw. This is the part where the human was fatally injured by a fellow Necromorph. Add some more definition to the flaps of membrane that circulate the arms. Don't forget to sketch in t   


This part was my favorite to draw out and color. Here we will be focusing on the details of the torn skin and the fractured bones. This is where you should feel free to add in your own details to the Necromorph. Who knows, maybe you could have a limb   


So this step is pretty straight forward. Here you will find out if you drew your own Necromorph perfectly. You can take the drawing color it, hang it up near your gaming station, or simply show it off to your friends. If you want, take this line art   

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June 25, 2010

Description: Dead Space, one of the most amazing and terrifying horror games I have ever laid fingers upon. The controls, the eerie environments, and the startling pop outs are just together as a whole, amazing. Here in this very tutorial, you will be learning ”how to draw a Necromorph, step by step”. Now some of you might find this grotesque creature disturbing, which it is. I added all the characteristics that resembles this creature best. The inspiration came from the game of course. Isaac with enough ammo slices through these guys easily when you dismember the limbs. However, there are some other Necromorphs you come across in the game. Some are very hard to kill and others are easy. I think one of the hardest is the 'Brute'. This creature headbutts into Isaac and drains your health fast. Anyways, let's get into a little back story of the deadly Necromorph. If someone were to touch the artifact, they would get a fatal virus that kills the host and infects them. Rapidly, it mutates the body into a more useful standard where its able to serve its purpose. This disease spreads quickly. In a matter of a few hours, a whole ship of two thousand people could be turned to Necromorphs. Now, one of the most disturbing Necromorphs I have came across was the 'Guardian' and the 'Wheezer'. I'm not too far into the game but they're both grotesque. I look forward to seeing the other Necromorphs to come. I pursued this drawing with several sketches that would capture the look and feel of a common Necromorph (which is the slasher). The coloring was a little difficult because I wanted to have the skin tone seem 'dead' and the the reds to match with that skin tone. There are a few broken limbs in this picture as well. The hands coming out of the abdomen is also common in the 'Slasher' Necromorphs. Learning ”how to draw Dead Space” can be easy to accomplish once you've mastered drawing the ruthless Necromorph. Well peeps, I have to flee and go to my Livestream drawing session. Thanks for viewing and don't forget to comment and rate!

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