How to Draw a Truck

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Start off this tutorial with the basic guidelines which is pretty simple. I would equip myself with a ruler, eraser, compass, paper, and pencil. A good pencil that I rely on the most is the HB mechanical pencils. These pencils work great for simple s   


Now this step is very simple. I made this very easy to start off in order to get the drawing process pretty swell. This is a basic outline of the truck that typically follows along with the guidelines.


This step should be drawn with patience and care. Use your ruler to draw the very angular shapes. I would recommend starting with the windows and then the details around it. Once you've completed this, you're well on your way to the next step!


Next, draw the leftover details to the front of the truck. This includes the very simplistic bumper, headlights, and vents that go along with the truck. Drawing trucks can take some time and effort to get all the details packed down. Once you've flou   


This is the last step to completing your very own truck drawing! Start with the front tires and work your way down to the back tires. There shouldn't be much detailing to the tires so add a few lines to go along with this.


Here is simply the basic line work for your truck drawing. This is what the outcome should resemble once you've accomplished the steps above. I really encourage you to keep drawing automobiles in order to become great in that specific area of experti   

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June 27, 2010

Description: Hi guys, how was your drawing day yesterday? Mine was awesome because I didn't do any drawings at all. Today I will be submitting a lesson that will show you how to draw a semi truck, step by step. If your wondering what a semi truck is, you can either look at the picture, or you can listen to me. A semi is just another name for an 18 wheeler. These big rigs are also known as Mack trucks, and they are even called tractor trailers. The reason why I wanted to do this lesson, is because it was a requested vehicle from a member that comes to the site often. Anyway, this is going to be a relatively easy tutorial for you guys to replicate, and if you want to get real artistic, you can even draw an inscription on the side of the 18 wheelers body, and you can even draw something from a popular gas station, store, or even make up a nice graffiti design to slap right on there. Instead of drawing a real difficult semi truck, I whipped up a very simple and cartoon styled truck. This way others who are not too keen on drawing will have a head start on this one. I haven't found a great tutorial that really taught you on how to draw the truck in the most simplest form. A lot of people have been asking me recently if I could do a tutorial on this type of automobile. Someday in your lifetime I'm sure you've spotted one of these large vehicles passing the city, on the highway, or even on your street. I think a dump truck is considered a truck too; hence the word 'truck'. Anyways, this tutorial was inspired after playing GTA (Grand Theft Auto). It's one of my most favorite games that I enjoyed playing from age twelve till now. I love driving the truck so fast until I blow a motorcycle driver into the dust. Nevertheless, I really hope you'll enjoy this very simple tutorial. Have fun drawing trucks until you get better folks! Over and out.

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