How to Draw Alien


Lets start with an oval shape for the head and its line of position which will be his body.


Next draw the lining for the bottom jaw. Then make a cylinder shape for the shoulder. Draw a line from the elbow going down. Make another oval shape for his thigh.


Lets move onto the lining for the teeth,front neck, back neck, hands, knee, shin, and the shape of the foot. Just slowly follow the sketched lines you see here.


Next make the lines to seperate his teeth. After completing that, sketch the lining for his arm as you see above. Prepare the hands and feet with smaller circles, this will be his fingers and toes. You also want to add a spear shape to the tip of the   


Outline the legs, back chest and tail to form his figure. As you can see his hands are starting to take shape as well as his form. Before moving to step 6, sketch the spikes on his back this will take better form later on.


Now were going to add his muscle definition. The Alien has an exoskeleton so make his ribs stick out. Shape up the head some more. Move onto the back and add his grooved spine.


Add extra detailing like his nails, toes,jaw structure, thigh muscles and neck bones.


Make these details look "biomechanical". You wann amake the apperance of a human and machine forming as one, like an interconnected relationship.


Since Alien has an exoskeleton, his bone structure is seen from the outside.


This is the finished line work for the Alien. Clean up your drawing and color it as you desire. Don't forget his acid dripping from his mouth.

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December 16, 2007

Description: You know the Alien? He's back in town! I will be showing you "how to draw Aliens step by step". H.R Giger was the creator of the Alien. James Cameron came across his work at an art gallery. After seeing H.R Giger's work James Cameron contacted Giger, and asked him to design one of his Aliens for the sci-fi move Alien. Alien was a big blockbuster hit in the 1970's lead star was Sigourney Weaver who played Ellen Ripley. After the success of Alien, it was followed by parts two, three and four. Seven years after Alien Resurrection, AVP was released in 2004, which was labeled as a mediocre movie. This tutorial teaches the artist "how to draw alien", or this acid filled creature from outer space. All you need is a clean sheet of paper, a pencil and you might wanna grab an extra eraser as well. I also have a new version that will teach you how to draw an alien. Enjoy your lessons guys!

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