How to Draw Chibi Predator, Alien Vs Predator


Make a semi large circle shape for the head, and then draw the lower half of the body which is also the torso and legs. Sketch in the facial guides and then move to step two.


You will now draw in the shapes for the hook like upper lip or mouth. Make sure that the ends are pointed because the ends are capped with teeth or a tooth. Draw the bottom part of the jaw, and then move to step three.


Okay, before you start drawing out the head, you will need to draw the shape and or structure for the eyes. As you can see the brows for the eyes are thick and boxy. The shapes of the eyeballs should be drawn in next, and then you can get busy with d   


Sketch in the detailing around the mouth like so, and cap off the points for the tooth or teeth. Draw the tongue and insides of the mouth.


Next up, draw in the dreads which looks more like worms or small snakes. Add the bands on each dread, and then move along to the next step.


You will now begin tackling the body. Once the chest or torso is draw, sketch out the loin cloth, and when you do this make sure that the ends of the cloth is notched and torn looking. Next, draw the shoulder strap and then draw the cross hatching de   


Next up, you will start the process to draw out the arm, fist, and then draw in the blades or knives on the top of the hand. Notice the bracelet covers the whole forearm. You will need to detail the fist and fingers, as well as the arm band or bracel   


Draw in the other arm and hand like so, and then draw the hand guard as well as the claw like blades. The inside of the blades should have notches in them and the arm should also have that crosshatch design.


Next, draw the stubby leg as well as the clawed toes and then draw the plated armor on the shin, when you are done with that draw the crosshatching on the leg like so.


Last step guys, draw the other leg and the toes like so, and then draw the leg armor as well as more crosshatching. Clean up the drawing and then prepare for color.


You are all done so start coloring in your new chibi Predator figure.

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January 28, 2012

Description: Well, I guess I can submit another chibi since I haven’t drawn any in a while. Today we will be learning "how to draw chibi Predator", step by step. This chibi version of Predator is going to be so cool and fun to tackle. I actually made this tutorial after members have been asking me to make a chibi version on one of the best alien warriors ever created. The most complex aspect of recreating my chibi version of Predator is probably going to be the head and weapons on the arms. I think I managed to capture the real appeal with the overall design, but if there is something that feel I’m missing, feel free to add the detailing you like. Either way, I do believe that you will enjoy drawing chibi Predator because he is one bad azz alien creature. Well that’s about it, I have to get out of here because there is more lessons for me to submit. Have fun, and don’t forget to rate, comment and fav. Peace out people!

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