How to Draw a Nautical Star

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Lets start this first step by drawing out some simple lines that will help you draw the nautical star much better. First draw one long line going down and fork off into two. Then just a hair above being in the middle, draw a straight line going acros   


Now what you want to do here is just make a regular looking star shape by using the tips of the lines as your guide. Draw it out the same way it is shown to you above. After you do this move onto the next step.


Now before we start this step, I am going to label the star in sections. The top is the head, the sides are the arms, and the bottoms are the legs. After the star shape has been drawn out correctly, you can then start to draw additional lines through   


Here what you want to do is very simple. Color in one side of each limb to create the effect shown above. After you are done you can then erase all the guideline that are left showing in the background of the nautical star drawing.


This is the final step. There is nothing left to do but choose a color for your star of guidance. Remember when you color in the nautical star, use a darker color for the shaded spots. And that it your done that was easy and fun wasn't it.

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February 22, 2008

Description: Today I am putting up a tutorial on the Nautical Star. I chose to do the sketch and drawing because, for the past year or so I’ve been seeing this particular star on the front of homes, on buildings, and so forth. It wasn’t till recently that I really wanted to know what the star meant, now I always had an assumption about the meaning of the nautical star, but I never really knew the truth behind the symbol. I searched around the web and found that my assumption was in fact not all that far from the truth, you see I thought that people where displaying the nautical star because they had a loved one overseas like in the military, and come to find out, that this star has a butt load of meanings. One is that sailors were the first to even display the nautical star by tattooing it on their arms. Now, if you look up the word nautical, it means relating to, or associated with seamen, navigation, or ships, historically sailors where superstitious men and believed stories on life and death, and how men got lost at sea and was never heard from again. In the beginning, sailors used the night time stars to navigate their way across the ocean on their travels, in the daylight hours the North Star became a symbol to find your way home. I mean the North Star is used in a lot a ways and stands for a lot of things, in biblical terms the North Star helped the three wise men find the king of kings through the endless desert at night and by day. Now a days in modern culture, you can see this star on the arms of gays and lesbians, punk rockers, and even the men and women in the military have taken on the nautical star tattoo for a sense of hope that they will safely return to their loved ones back home. Punk rockers adopted this symbol for almost the same exact reason, to help guide them in their journeys through life. And for gays and lesbians, the nautical star dates back to the 40s and 50s when their lifestyles where not seen as normal and considered at times to be broken or mentally ill. For these men and woman they had to hide their way of life by putting a tattoo on the inside of the wrist so it can be easily hidden by a watch or bracelet. Like I said the Nautical Star may have a bunch of meanings, but one thing is certain, this star represents hope, it gives guidance, and it screams I love who I am for some people. This tutorial will teach you "how to draw a nautical star", step by step with ease. If you want to learn how to draw a star step by step then go here, How to draw a star

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