How to Draw a Grasshopper

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Lets start off this first step by drawing guidelines and circles to help you draw the grasshopper with ease. Starting at the head draw a circle with a smaller circle below that one. Behind the head circle draw a large oblong circle for the front part   


In this step what you will be doing is drawing out the actual body of the grasshopper. Starting at the top draw out the eyeball and front parts of the legs. Draw out the top portion of the the body and the hind legs need to be filled in as well. The    


This step is all about detail, detail, and more detail. Sketch out the wings and vein looking lines throughout the body. What you are trying to do is add definition to the grasshoppers body to create a realism to it. After you get this step down pack   


Here is your finished grasshopper after you have completed all the required steps. All that you need to do is color him or her in. That was pretty easy wasn't it. Good Job ya'll.

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February 22, 2008

Description: In this tutorial I will be showing you an easy way to draw a grasshopper with a total of four steps. But first let’s learn some facts about the grasshopper; the first thing about these well known insects is how high they can actually jump. Being only 3-4 inches long and weighing 2-3 grams, the grasshopper can jump twenty times the length of its body. In order for this insect to leap a distance that far it would have to build a good launching position to enable the legs to push against the ground with a significant amount of force and speed. Where does all that force come from you ask? Well, it comes from the contraction of the leg muscles producing a lot of force and from that force they gain enough speed to leap as high as they do. An interesting fact about this species is that there are over 12,000 different kinds of grasshoppers in the world today. They can also be found in any kind of habitat except for extreme cold conditions, most people think that they are green, but they are infact a brownish color not green but I chose to color my grasshopper green because most people do think that they are green. They have a total of 6 legs but the back two are only for hopping, and the middle four are for walking. The insects also have wings, which, allows them to take flight when they choose to do so. Although most people think all grasshoppers make noise the fact is only the males that produce this music to attract the females near mating season, and it is also used to ward off predators. There are two different sounds that come from two different species of hopper, on is from the short horned grasshopper that has a comb like rigging to the inside of their hind legs, they rub the legs together like you would with a stick on a fence which sounds like a chirp. The other sound is from the long horned grasshopper which makes a slightly different sound due to the structure of the combs on the hind legs. Their body is seen as an exoskeleton; they have big bold eyes and eat mainly grass. Grasshoppers are tolerable insects that cause little or no damage to farms and flowers. The tutorial will show you in detail how to draw a grasshopper step by step. You can color the insect green or brown that is totally up to you.

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