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How to Draw a Windmill

Artist: Dawn / February 22, 2008
How to Draw a Windmill

Step 1.

In this first step what you want to do is draw your basic guidelines to help the drawing process a whole lot easier. Start by drawing a rocket shaped building, draw a wide triangle at the top, and a mushroom shaped base. After you do that draw a giga   

Step 2.

Now what you do in this step is detail the outside frame of the windmill by giving it a look of a real structure. Now what you want to do after that part is start to detail and shape and style of the blades. Lightly sketch out the detailing of the wi   

Step 3.

This is probably one of the most detail oriented steps for the windmill because you will literally have to draw out all the lines and weave on the blades themselves. Sketch out the base of the windmills frame and the top where the the shaft is attach   

Step 4.

This is the finished drawing of the Dutch windmill. All you need to do is erase all the guidelines that you drew in step 1 and color in the structure that suites you. This is actually my version of an antique style Dutch windmill that' been around fo   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 22, 2008
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Description: Okay people, today this tutorial is on how to draw a Dutch windmill step by step. I know what you are saying โ€œdraw a windmill?โ€ And I say sure why not, I mean they are beautiful and not only that but they have been around for centuries. The windmill Iโ€™m going to show you how to draw today is a Dutch style windmill that I seen in my better homes and garden magazine. The one they had advertised was much prettier and bigger, but this is my version at any rate. I recently injured my wrist due to a cheap skateboarding stunt that I regret ever doing because now I have to take a bunch of Tylenols for the pain, this explains the line detail in the tutorial, so bear with me please okay. Now lets review the history of the windmill, it all began with the sailboat. The earliest known use of wind power came from the sailboat, the big sail cups the wind which allows the boat to be pushed or dragged across the water. The first known windmills where originally built to replace the need to physically work by grain grinding and water pumping by hand. In 500-900 A.D Persia designed the vertical axis system which was used to pump water. The first known documented windmill design was also derived from the Persians; it had vertical sails made from bundles of reeds or sometimes wood. Then they where attached to centralized vertical shafts by horizontal struts. It almost looked like on of them stick pole clothes lines where you can hang clothes around you know exactly like a rotary clothes line. In China vertical axis windmills where also being used and some people believe that the origin of the windmill was infact invented from by the Chinese. What supports this fact is more than 2000 years ago a Chinese windmill was developed by Yehlu Chhu Tshai, a Chinese statesman in 1219 A.D. and its sole purpose was to grind grains and pump water. Getting to the point, the Dutch upgraded their tower mills into sections, the top few tiers is where the actual milling would take place like the grinding, removing chaff, and storing grain. The bottom tier is where you could find the living quarters for the windsmith and his family. These types of Dutch windmills still exist to this day but in a more advanced structure. This tutorial shows you how to draw a typical Dutch windmill step by step. Like always the instructions are easy to read and understand. You will soon be on your way to drawing your very own Dutch windmill.