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How to Draw a Military Skull

Artist: Dawn / February 7, 2014
How to Draw a Military Skull

Step 1.

As usual make the outline for the head guide of the skull. Sketch in the facial guidelines too.

Step 2.

Using the guide you just made, begin sketching out the lower portion of the skulls face. This includes the pointed cheek bones, sides of the head, and the upper jaw bone that is lined with the shapes for the teeth.

Step 3.

Since the head is covered with a helmet, all you have to do is draw out the shape of a soldiers helmet which also forms the structure of the skull.

Step 4.

You will carefully sketch out the brow bone which is angled or rugged, then sketch out the strong, predominate shapes of the eyes. This soldier skull should look mean. Add the under eye creases, then proceed to step five.

Step 5.

Draw the bottom jaw or chin, and at the same time add the shards of teeth that are pointed in a rough looking manner. Add the ridged hole for the nose, then move along to step six.

Step 6.

Add the gum line to sketch in detailing for both top and bottom rows of teeth.

Step 7.

Add some bullet holes in the helmet like so, then sketch in some shading at the ends of the helmet.

Step 8.

Now you will draw connective tissue that brings the upper jaw and lower mandible together. Add some stretch lines and shading to make the area dark.

Step 9.

You will now draw in the AK-47 bullet which is being bitten on by the jaws and teeth. Add detailing to the bullet, and yes I did make it much more longer then it really is. This is for effects.

Step 10.

Lastly, draw the straps from the helmet which are hanging loosely on the sides of the skull's head. Erase the guides and mistakes before you go.

Step 11.

Here is how your drawing looks when you are finished. Color in this military skull to bring it all to life.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 7, 2014
Steps: 11
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Tags: draw skulls, how to draw soldiers
Description: Back in the beginning one of my skull tutorials was in the top 50 for at least three years. I don't know what made the concept so popular, I think it was because the time of year and the originality of the drawing. Once again I will recreate a concept I made back in 2008. Here is "how to draw a military skull", step by step. The old lesson is called a soldier skull, but since the military has become such a force where there has been a lot of recruiting going on, I decided to call this drawing a military skull. I know our soldier in the United States do not typically use an AK-47, but I like the rifle so that is the bullet I chose to go with to place in the skull's mouth. the 7.62x39 caliber bullet may not be as big as a 30-06 round, but it will do some definite damage. Anyway, I hope you have fun with drawing a military skull. I will return with three more tuts so try to either stay tuned in, or come back around a little later.