How to Draw an Awesome Skull

Artist: XxxkimyxxX / January 23, 2014

Step 1.

Draw a circle for the face and then the facial guidelines. They don't have to be perfect because you'll have to erase them later :)

Step 2.

Now start sketching out the flames that surround the outside of the skull.

Step 3.

Then draw the eye you see here

Step 4.

Now draw the nose hole

Step 5.

Draw the other eye

Step 6.

Draw he lines on his face as shown :)

Step 7.

Now drraw the top row of the teeth

Step 8.

Then the bottom row of teeth

Step 9.

Draw the details in the face as shown :)

Step 10.

Draw the lines of the eyebrow

Step 11.

Then erase the circle and the facial guidelines

Step 12.

And finally :D shade the skull. Everytime I'm drawing I don't feel comfortable with what I draw and I'm always making changes so it might not look really the same :/. But I hope it helped you :D

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Artist: XxxkimyxxX
Date Added: January 23, 2014
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