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How to Draw a Licker Easy

Artist: Dawn / January 13, 2014
How to Draw a Licker Easy

Step 1.

Make the outline of the head like so, then move to step two.

Step 2.

What seems to be the eyes is actually the exposed brain. Sketch in the outlined shape for the two lobes.

Step 3.

You will now sketch out the lining for the brain. These crooked lines will form the intestine looking swirls that covers the entire coverings.

Step 4.

You will now tackle the mouth which is a thick straight line, then draw the exposed gum and then draw the gnarly teeth. Lickers are mean looking creatures.

Step 5.

You will now draw out the open part of the mouth, then draw the tongue that is thick and curled or swayed to the right.

Step 6.

Sketch out the rest of the face shape like so, and add the stretched marks that details the facial tissue. Take your time so this Licker comes out right.

Step 7.

Add the tongue glands on the back part of the tongue and then draw the indent down the center of the tongue. Erase the mistakes and you are done.

Step 8.

Here is the line art when you are all done. Now you can color in the drawing and show folks what you have done.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 13, 2014
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Tags: how to draw resident evil characters, how to draw resident evil
Description: resident Evil was one of my favorite video games when I was a kid, or younger then I am now. The movies started getting lame when they kept making stories of nothing, just to make a film. Anyways, here is "how to draw a Licker easy", step by step. Lickers are the result of human tissue evolving into the monster you see before you now. They are the experiments that scientists studied on, and they are deadly and will rip anyone apart. I loved making this lesson and I know all you Resident Evil fans will like this tut as well. Adios people and enjoy yourself.