How to Draw C-3PO Easy


Make the beginning guide of the head like so, this is a very simple shape.


The next thing you will do is draw two small circles for C-3PO's eyes.


As you can see this is a very simple lesson on a very popular Star Wars character. Add the vertical stripes down the eyes, then move forward to step four.


Begin making the molding around the eyes and forehead. These are the features that makes C-3PO stand out. He has deep indents around the eyes and prominent robotic brows.


Draw a horizontal line across the bottom of the face for his mouth, then draw in a darkened rectangular box.


Add a molding that crowns C-3PO's head like so. There should be bumps and uneven lining.


for the last drawing step you will add the indents to the crown you just drew. This is the detailing to make up that robot look. Add the bolts on the side of the neck like so, then erase your mistakes.


Here is how your finished drawing of C-3PO comes out when you are done. All that you have to do now is color in this smart talking android.

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January 13, 2014

Description: Here is the last Star Wars character lesson that I will submit today. We will learn "how to draw C-3PO easy", step by step. I am actually surprised that I have never made a lesson on C-3PO since he is one of the main characters from the first three earlier films from George Lucas. His snotty type of personality and witty humor makes 3PO stand out. His side companion and best friend is as you know R2-D2. I know all you Star Wars fans will love tackling this lesson on drawing C-3PO as I did making it. Adios and stick around because I still have one more figure to upload.

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