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How to Draw Mr X Tyrant, T 103

Artist: Noob_The_Ninja / April 9, 2015
How to Draw Mr X Tyrant, T 103

Step 1.

First start out with the main outline, don't do the arms yet.

Step 2.

Outline the shiny and bald head of Mr. X.

Step 3.

Continue on with the angered yet intimidating face, along with the frown, don't worry about pupils, because Mr. X does not posses any.

Step 4.

Now draw the top of his long and thick trench coat, along with the neck.

Step 5.

Draw out the collar of the trench coat, along with the fine detail on the main torso, make sure to add the two small buttons as well.

Step 6.

Now proceed with the belt, along with the small pocket container on the right.

Step 7.

Draw the widening bottom of Mr. X's outfit.

Step 8.

Add some detail to the belt by adding the buckle with two nobs on it, along with more buttons.

Step 9.

Finish up the belt by adding the horizontal lines through the belt.

Step 10.

Add some indentations on the outfit to give a more realistic look to Mr. X.

Step 11.

Now draw out the muscular arms for Mr. X.

Step 12.

Now add some lines along with more buttons. Erase the outline of the body so the arms can connect, you will also need to add some indentations to the shoulder area.

Step 13.

Now add the wrist belts along with the clenched fists.

Step 14.

Finally, add the iron brackets along with fingers.

Step 15.

All done! You can use this step as a reference to what you've drawn. Add in some color if you want, and you're Bio Weapon will be complete!

Comments (2)
katzuka · 6 years ago
:rock: this is awesome!
Noob_The_Ninja · 6 years ago
Thank you! :3
Artist: Noob_The_Ninja
Date Added: April 9, 2015
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Tags: how to draw resident evil characters
Description: Well, here I am again, it's been almost been a year or two since I did a tutorial. I decided to teach you all how to draw the Tyrant from Resident Evil named Mr. X. He is a bio weapon manufactured by Umbrella, and is seen in multiple games, such as Resident Evil 2, Survivor, and Operation Raccoon City, along with the Damnation movie. This is one boss that gave me nightmares throughout my adventure in Resident Evil 2. Indeed he is a tyrant, a series or bio weapons, but he is specifically a T-103 model. Hope ya guys enjoy! NOTE: I Do not own any of Resident Evil or their characters, all belong to Capcom and their respected owners.