How to Draw a Stegosaurus for Kids

Artist: Dawn / July 20, 2011

Step 1.

Make a circle for the head, and then draw out a neck line that connects to an egg shaped body. You will then draw out a face guide.

Step 2.

Now you will be sketching out the shape of the head, and bottom jaw that makes a mouth smiling.

Step 3.

Draw out the dinosaur's eye, and then draw in the eyeball. You will then draw a slice for the nose hole and then draw out the marking line on the mouth to represent the hard lines texture.

Step 4.

Now is the time that you will be drawing out the body of this adorable dinosaur. Start with the thick stubby looking neck, and then draw out the chest, belly, and then both the front and hind legs. You should also add some crease or folds at the ankl   

Step 5.

You will finish drawing the rest of the dinosaur's body by making the tail. Next, draw out the rest of the legs, and then draw in the toe nails on each foot.

Step 6.

Finish this drawing by sketching out every plat like bone that starts behind the head, and travels down the neck, back, and tail. At the tip of the tail draw in three spikes and then start cleaning up the drawing for completion.

Step 7.

Here is what your cute drawing of a stegosaurus for kids looks like when you are done. Now you can color in this dinosaur, and add it to your drawing collection.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 20, 2011
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Description: I know it’s going to seem like too many dinosaurs going up, but I’m trying to fill requests as fast as I can so I can catch up with everything that has been pouring in lately. Up next is a lesson on "how to draw a Stegosaurus for kids", step by step. These fantastic dinosaurs are so incredibly awesome. I always loved their body make-up because of their arrow shaped horns or spikes that flow down the back of their heads, back and tail. Their large massive size almost makes them look like they are going to tip over. Like the brontosaurus, these dinosaurs are also herbivores. They feed on any type of green they can find, and they are also a dinosaur species that move in herds. This lesson is going to be as easy as the raptor for kids I submitted, but to be honest with you it’s a little cuter. You will be drawing a stegosaurus for kids from the side view, which means the complexity is minimal. I hope you like this tutorial, and if you’re wondering what else I have in store for you today, just stay tuned in and see what gets uploaded next. Until my return guys, have fun and stay cool.