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How To Draw A Laughing Panda

Artist: Skyhawk / October 23, 2013
How To Draw A Laughing Panda

Step 1.

Start out with a good sized oval.

Step 2.

Next, draw the facial guide lines.

Step 3.

Draw a circle where the two facial guide lines meet. This will not be permanent so do not try to make it perfect.

Step 4.

Draw a upside down triangle inside the circle. The triangle is the panda's nose, the circle was just for guidance.

Step 5.

Draw to arched lines from where the triangles points are. Do not connect the lines to the triangle, connect them to the circle like so.

Step 6.

Draw to slanted lines from the lips down. Do not connect the lines to the outline.

Step 7.

Draw a chin type line covering up his mouth.

Step 8.

Draw a chin like so.

Step 9.

Draw lines for eyes like so.

Step 10.

Draw ovals around the eyes like so, it is sort of confusing about where these ovals exactly go, just look at the picture for help.

Step 11.

Draw teeth and a tongue inside the mouth of the panda.

Step 12.

Draw the ears like this, I cant really explain where they go, again, look at the image for help.

Step 13.

Begin inking. Do not ink the circle where the nose is.

Step 14.

When inking the outer face, relax your wrist to get a smooth line. I was rushed so I did not get a smooth line. Yours should look better.

Step 15.

Do not forget the ears!

Step 16.

Begin shading, I used a pencil, but you could use whatever.

Step 17.

Enjoy your laughing panda!!!

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Artist: Skyhawk
Date Added: October 23, 2013
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Tags: how to draw
Description: How I drew the panda in my second post, thought I would show you :P