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How To Draw A Dragon

Artist: mitchali / July 19, 2013
How To Draw A Dragon

Step 1.

First start off with the circles.

Step 2.

Next, connect the circles.

Step 3.

Then, connect the wing circles, and draw a line to start the wing.

Step 4.

Draw curvey lines to complete the outline of the wing.

Step 5.

Earase the lines of the circles.

Step 6.

Draw claws on the feet.

Step 7.

Draw lines on the wing to complete the wing

Step 8.

Draw the mouth and a circle for the eye.

Step 9.

Add detail to the eye, and earase lines in mouth. Draw another line on the mouth to make it better.

Step 10.

Add more detail to the eye, and draw a nose. Earase lines in mouth, and add a tongue.

Step 11.

Add the outline of the horns on the head.

Step 12.

Draw curvy lines in the horns to complete the horns.

Step 13.

Draw curvy lines along the belly of the dragon for extra detail.

Step 14.

Draw a long line above those lines to make it better.

Step 15.

Draw a triangle on the top of the tail.

Step 16.

Earase the lines in the triangle of the tail.

Step 17.

You have successfully drawn a dragon. Congratulations! This is the finished product.

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Artist: mitchali
Date Added: July 19, 2013
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Tags: how to draw
Description: Learn how to draw an awesome dragon with these steps.. Btw this is my first tutorial so no rude comments please.