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A nose that looks noseish

Artist: Yejin / September 4, 2013
A nose that looks noseish

Step 1.

Draw a dip

Step 2.

Draw a nose like shape, this will take a while, but is super important. Symmetry is key!

Step 3.

Shade up edges, then upwards.

Step 4.

Start forming the shape of the outside of the nostrils

Step 5.

Blend...up the edges sorry... I guess i took this picture upside down. I did some editing of shape because it was not looking like the nose in my reference photo. I also created the dark shading of the inner nostril and the semi dark shading of the t   

Step 6.

Start creating an appearance of light with dark edges, blend up and out

Step 7.

Now that we are right side up again, start mimicking where the light hits the nose

Step 8.

Continue creating the roundness of the nose, I make the right nostril darker

Step 9.

And remember...the most important how the nose interacts with other features....no matter how simple, out of proportion and poorly drawn they are:) good luck and hope this improves your noses!

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Artist: Yejin
Date Added: September 4, 2013
Steps: 9
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Tags: how to draw
Description: How to draw an easy nose, for a novice.