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How To Draw A Lasso Dragon

Artist: WakaLaka / January 11, 2013
How To Draw A Lasso Dragon

Step 1.

In this tutorial we will be using a base. This is a previously drawn dragon of mine, a Frost Wyvern.

Step 2.

Create a new layer and create circles of colour that you will need for the lasso image.

Step 3.

Using straight lines, go over the outline but not in detail using the body colour. I've made the frost wyvern image base opacity to 0% and placed a black background on the layer benieth the base image.

Step 4.

Add the other main parts. The underbelly, the wings, the horns and nose horn, also the inside of the mouth and tongue.

Step 5.

Add details like the eye, nostril, spikes and tails spikes, also the claws and teeth

Step 6.

Decrease the image you're working on's opacity to 50% and then go over some of the inner black outlines like ribs and separating the body from the legs, also details on the head like eye ridges and creases in the wings.

Step 7.

If you do a dragon that has part of its body covered by scenery, its best to try and lasso that scenery as well and maybe add some ground underneath. To do this, just use the eye drop tool to collect some different colours from that object and just c   

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Artist: WakaLaka
Date Added: January 11, 2013
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Tags: draw dragons
Description: This tutorial will show you how to use a lasso tool in photoshop or any other drawing program with the same tool to create a dragon. WITH A BASE