How to Draw a Hummingbird Tattoo


We will be drawing guides for two things; the hummingbird and the flower. Make the head and body guide for the bird and then the bud and stem for the flower.


Using the guides you just made, begin drawing the head, beak, and body for your hummingbird. Also, draw in a small eye and add some lashes.


As we all know hummingbirds have fast flowing wings and even though I could have drawn them like that, I wanted the wing to stay feathery and recognizable. Draw the first wing like so.


Detail your wing and then draw layers of smaller feathers on the inside of the wing arm.


We are already almost done with the hummingbird part of this tattoo. We will need to draw the tail, and notice that the tail has two fang line fins and then a row of short feathers between.


Finish the hummingbird by drawing the other wing and you will also add detailing to the wing as well.


Now that your hummingbird is complete, start drawing the rose. We will tackle the center part of the rose which is the tightly folded petals.


Proceed to work on the rose by drawing layers of petals until a bloom forms.


Lastly, finish the rose concept and then draw the stem and leaves with the typical serrated edges. Erase your mistakes and guides.


And here you have it. A beautiful hummingbird tattoo that is ready to color in. I hope you had fun folks. Remember to post your finished artwork so others can check out how you did.

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February 26, 2017

Description: One of the prettiest birds that come flying around during the Spring season is the Hummingbird. I love drawing these delicate looking birds and because I haven't done a lesson on one in a while, I thought that making a tut on how to draw a hummingbird tattoo, step by step would be something that folks would enjoy. This is a simple task to tackle because the lining and hummingbird design is bulky instead of fine detailed. Not only that, but the tattoo concept looks like a traditional piece that one would like to have inked onto their bodies. The rose and hummingbird coexists so well together, it makes drawing a hummingbird tattoo exciting. If you don't want to tackle this tut but would like it to be your next inking project, just print out the colored image and have your tattooist do his/her work. I would like an update on anyone who chooses to get this design inked on their skin. Thanks for joining me guys and I will be back soon with more tuts.

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