How to Draw a Valentine Tattoo


Make the heart any size you like. When you determine the size of the heart, you can then draw the two shapes at the base for the roses. Add a guideline, then move to step one.


Here you will sketch out the inside of the rose which is the petals that are squeezed together.


Here you will continue to sketch out the rose. Make a heart shape with a long tail.


Sketch out more of the roses petals. When you draw them this time, make sure to sketch the petals dropping. Add detailing along the edges which are small tears.


You will finish the rose this time by drawing the rest of the petals. Since the rose is in full bloom, it should look full and fresh.


Start the drawing process for the second rose. See the inside of the rose? Make sure it looks like a button.


The third rose should be tackled first before drawing the shape of the second rose which is in the blooming process. When that is done proceed to step eight.


Sketch out the bed of rose leaves like so, then sketch in all the small vein like lines to each leaf.


Draw the shape of the heart, then draw another heart inside of the large one like so. Erase the mistakes then you're done.


Here is your Valentine tattoo when you're done. Color it in to your liking, then give it to someone you love.

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February 12, 2018

Description: Hello everyone, I'm back with a new lesson today that will make a great concept design for a very creative Valentine's Day card. Today we will learn "how to draw a Valentine tattoo,/strong>" that has a lot of expressive potential. As you may know I have drawn lots and lots of heart designs that has been on Dragoart since the sites start. Sometimes it's difficult thinking about new ideas for another awesome heart drawing that is the same as others, but also different in many ways. The heart tattoo you see before you is cupped with roses that lay on a bed of small leaves. Of course when you color in your Valentine tattoo it will look much different than the style I have done. Nonetheless, drawing a Valentine tattoo will prove to be fun no matter what. I will return folks so try to stick around. Adios mi amigos!

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