How to Draw a Beautiful Rose, Beautiful Rose

Artist: pericusmaximus / February 27, 2013

Step 1.

The first step is the Linear Sketch. But note before that I have done another simple but important step... this is the toned paper. I am not starting from the pure white here but an average tone from the reference picture. This will help me to save h   

Step 2.

I pay attention to the proportions and position of every shape, don't just draw every individual line, the whole drawing must work and the position of one leave affects the others, think and observe, take your time, correct the positions and draw aga   

Step 3.

Once I have the average tone it is easier to analyse the rest of tones. I squint to check the tone and I use a lighter value and also start to work on the shadows adding one darker tone. Every time I look at the reference picture I squint to check th   

Step 4.

I use a darker value to draw the background, this is the average dark tone, no need to draw any detail, just squint to see the picture's background. I adjust a bit the tone on the leaves adding and deleting tone (lighter and darker). This is a slow p   

Step 5.

Use blending stumps, chamois and every tool you have to soften the edges, blend slowly and make beautiful edge transitions. Squint all the time to check the tone, again and again... see the drawing from the distance, step back and then continue shadi   

Step 6.

I use the blending stump to soften many edges...

Step 7.

Some areas were too dark, use the chamois to delete some tone, gentle movements and slow motion.. I correct some highlights and make the latest details. Voila! Hope you liked this, Come join my webpage for more free tutorial   

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Artist: pericusmaximus
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Description: Learn to draw a beautiful rose with this step by step tutorial, all abut shape and tone.