How to Draw a Horse Rider


Start the first step by drawing out the shapes and guides that will end up creating a frame for you to follow when you sketch out the horse. Start with a small bean like shape for the head, followed by an egg shape, and crescent shape. Add the limb l   


So here is where you will start drawing out the actual horse head and face. Start with the sloped forehead, then draw the muzzle of the equine. Make sure when you draw the bottom part of the head design, the contouring shapes out the entire form. Dra   


You will now draw out the other pointed ear, then sketch out the bridle. Sketch out the horse's eye, followed by the nostril arch on the snout. Sketch in some of the hair, then add some detailing as well as bold lining.


Okay guys, draw the arch for the back part of the horse's neck, then sketch in the long straight style hair for the mane. Sketch the detailing to the hair, then add the definition of the neck. Draw the front part of the chest line like so before you    


To finish off the bridle you will need to draw in the reins. A rider can't control the horse without a set of reins. Draw in the straps for the breast collar which is the strands you see attached to the triangular shape in the center of the chest.


You will now draw out the front legs for the horse. As you can see instead of the hose just standing there, I actually drew him in a pose. One of the legs is raised, but you can draw them both down. Sketch out the cartoon style of the hooves which ar   


Here is a quick step that shows you how to draw a horse hoof from the side. As a novice artist, I could never grasp the concept of how hooves can be drawn, since they're like this simple yet complex shape. So, to start, begin with a diamond shape for   


Here is some different examples on a horse hoof. The first one to the left is an example of a side view, the second is a side view from the side as the horse is standing on it, and then the other two are examples from the back view. Notice how the ba   


Here comes the fun part. You will need to first draw in the shape of the horse's back. Like all horses, make sure there is a dip in the lining. Draw out the simple shaped saddle like so, followed by all the straps and buckles. You will end this step    


Now that a majority of the hose is drawn out, we can sketch out the butt end of the equine, followed by the back legs. Start with nicely shaped thighs, then draw slender but toned hocks and shanks. Add detailing to define the legs, then draw the sex    


For the last drawing step all you have to do is finish drawing the tail. As you can see it is a high raised tail that is not as full as you would imagine a horse tail to be. Draw out the saddle pocket like you see here, followed by the horse hair str   


Here is what your drawing looks like when you are done. See how awesome it is drawing a horse in a certain kind of concept? I love these types of drawings. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

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October 15, 2012

Description: Here is the big time drawing that I worked on for hours yesterday. It is what I like to call "how to draw a horse rider", step by step. I know that this horse could have many names, but when you draw horses, you have to come up with a different concept once in a while instead of drawing just the horse head, or full body as it majestically trollops through the fields, sands or what have you. I really like the design of this horse because not only are you going to be drawing a horse rider, you will actually get a lesson on drawing the saddle, and bridle. I like to think that this is a drawing replicating a cartoon version of a worn down Arabian style horse. The look on the horse's face conveys that it has been traveling for a long time. Maybe the rider was lost, or the horse is waiting for his/her return. This is also a nice horse lesson to draw a rider next to it. You can draw a female or male, or you can just leave it be. Anyways, this should take an experienced artist a little while to draw if you plan on drawing the horse in detail like you see here with the saddle and all. If not, you should be able to complete the lesson in about thirty minutes give or take. That's it folks. Stay tuned in because I do still have more coming your way today!

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