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How to Draw a Heart-Shaped Alicorn

Artist: Absol / September 15, 2012
How to Draw a Heart-Shaped Alicorn

Step 1.

Draw in a nice, rounded heart with a sharp, and lengthened tip. Easy, huh?

Step 2.

Start drawing in the mane, starting form the top of the curve in the heart. Be sure to make the mane along the heart, or somewhat along the heart, to get the full effect.

Step 3.

Draw in the head, as well as the front hooves, which are in a tucked position. The right hoof is under the left one. The ear is sticking out, and perked up.

Step 4.

Draw the curved back of the pony, and finish up by drawing in the hind leg. REMEMBER TO USE NICE, CURVED LINES. NO CHOPPY OR STRAIGHT LINES! IT WON'T LOOK NATURAL! Then, move on to step 5.

Step 5.

Curve the top of the tail directly along the heart shape that you drew in step one. Then, slowly and carefully start drawing out the tail below the pony's hind leg.

Step 6.

Finish drawing in the outline of the tail. Remember to make the lines smooth and natural, so it looks like a heart. Be sure to erase any wrong lines immediately!

Step 7.

This is an optional step, depending on what kind of pony you are drawing. Horn, wings, or both. You want to draw those in now. If you're drawing an Earth Pony, just move on to the next step.

Step 8.

Add in the sleepy eyes and the detail on the mane and tail. Finish up your drawing, erasing, adjusting any lines that need it.

Step 9.

This is what you sleeping Alicorn/Pegasus/Unicorn/Earth Pony looks like after you're done. Be sure to hold up your drawing to a mirror to see your flaws! Ready for coloring! Be sure to leave a comment, and favorite, as well as rate!

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Getop · 7 years ago
Getop · 7 years ago
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Artist: Absol
Date Added: September 15, 2012
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Tags: draw ponies, how to draw my little pony
Description: Aww!~ This tutorial was really fun! Okay, today, we will all be learning how to draw in the popular style of the "Heart-Shaped" Pony. As you all probably see, the pony has a nice, heart-shaped mane that flows into one tip. This style is quite popular, and it's not too hard to draw, if you know how to do it! ;) But, as always, there are a few things to this tut. You don't have to add the horn, nor the wings, whether your drawing calls for it or not. The hair can also be drawn more free-handedly, but this is the official design. So have fun everyone!~ See you next time!