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How to Draw Rainbow Dash, My Little Pony

Artist: Absol / July 26, 2012
How to Draw Rainbow Dash, My Little Pony

Step 1.

So, we start off this tutorial with a circular shape for the head! Easy enough, this circle doesn't have to perfect. Even mine's a little messy. Then, draw the guideline for Rainbow's back. Finish it off with two sticks for legs, and a guideline for    

Step 2.

Now, just add an ear using the guidelines, finish the first wing, and start the tail. Use long, swishy-type lines for her tail.

Step 3.

Now, starting from the tip of her ear, start drawing Rainbow's mane, again, using long and swishy movements. Start up her front leg and hoof,

Step 4.

Okay, long step here. Finish off that wing you started earlier, and also finish drawing the leg you started in the last step. Remember to add the details in the hoof! Start extending out Rainbow's back leg, and add another wing.

Step 5.

Finish up Rainbow's tail, starting from the top end of it, and add some more lines to the back leg. Start the last leg, and look at the front! Did you add that other line for the front leg?

Step 6.

Finish drawing the back leg, add the detail! Draw in Rainbow's eye, and clean up your lines. Mainly, you're just erasing the facial guidelines and the neck, but remember to not erase too much of it!

Step 7.

This is what Rainbow Dash looks like after you finish editing her, and cleaning her up. I hope you had fun, and don't forget to leave a comment!

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Artist: Absol
Date Added: July 26, 2012
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Tags: how to draw my little pony
Description: Hiya everyone! This will be my first attempt at a tutorial from when I got back from my hiatus! Also, I received a drawing tablet, so this is also created using Paint Tool Sai. Sorry if my hand's too shaky, and have fun!~ My hand was awfully shaky in the first step, please forgive me.