How to Draw a Hamster for Kids

How to Draw a Hamster for Kids
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Let us start by drawing out the shape and structure of the hamster's head. Do this easily by making the arched crown for the top part of the head, and then attach two ears like so. You will slop down and create some fluffy cheeks as well as the struc   


Draw out and color in two round eyes like so. When that is done make the V lined nose, and then draw the W shaped lips as well as the small teeth in the front. It should be a happy hamster.


We will focus on getting the body drawn out starting with the left side of the torso. Draw the back as well as the teddy bear shaped leg, then make the lining for the arm as well.


Finish your hamster by drawing the rest of the arms as well as the right leg and foot combined. Clean up the drawing so you can prepare your hamster for some awesome color.


Here is what your sweet looking hamster looks like when you are done. Now you can choose the color you want your furry friend to be, then color him/her in.

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April 13, 2012

I know a lot of you folks are gonna fall in love with this adorable little critter. I knew I had to make a tutorial that was based on a hamster somehow, so what better way to upload a new hamster concept than to teach you "<em>how to draw a hamster for kids</em>", step by step. I must of had at least two hamsters when I was a kid. The first one I had died because my little brother and cousin let is slide down a long narrow plastic PVC tube to see if the hamster would get dizzy. When it came out at the other end, it was fine. But the next day I found poor Puffles laying on his exercise wheel with it's mouth open. It looked like he may have had a heart attack or something because it seemed as though he passed away when he was running on the wheel. I was so sad when I found him like that, and I vowed to never get another hamster again until I was older. Well, about four year later I got another hamster and this time it was a girl. I named her Buttons because she had two light colored tan patches over her eyes. She was the sweetest thing. Everything was fine with Buttons but then I lost interest in her so I gave Buttons to my cousin who loved rodent type pets. As a matter of fact it was the same cousin that wanted to sell me her ferrets. Anyways, Buttons lived a good life with her, but she passed on due to reasons unknown. This hamster that you will be drawing looks a lot like Puffles. I know the names seem weird but I guess it's because I'm a weirdo. Drawing animals is such a treat especially when I make them in this child like form. I had a lot of fun drawing a hamster for kids, and I know you will too. Enjoy this tutorial folks and be sure to leave comments, ratings, and even fav if you want. Peace people and keep a look out for more drawing fun coming your way.

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