How to Draw a Ferret for Kids

Artist: Dawn / April 12, 2012

Step 1.

Let's begin by drawing a head shape for your ferret, and then draw a long neck line. At the end of the neck line you will need to draw in another shape for the back end of the ferret's body.

Step 2.

Using the head guide you just drew in step one, you can begin sketching out the actual structure of the ferret's head and snout shape. This should also include the ears, and left eye which is blackened.

Step 3.

Draw an almond shape eye and then color it solid like you see here. When that is done make a dash for the nose and then a few whisker holes. Also add the ear detailing.

Step 4.

Start under the lower part of the face or jaw and begin drawing out the shape of the body. Follow the lining of the shape you drew in step one for that perfect looking arch. Continue the process until the tail and back thigh is drawn in as well.

Step 5.

Finish your ferret by drawing out the thickness of the neck, as well as the chest, belly, and other three legs. To make things simple I drew the legs straight and squared. Erase the mistakes and guidelines to clean up the drawing.

Step 6.

Here you have a finished drawing of a ferret for kids. Now choose a color to add a theme for your new drawn friend.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Hello all, how is everyone doing on this fine Friday the 13th? I know I'm doing pretty good and because I feel so childlike, I will be giving you guys a couple tutorials on some adorable animals that kids love to own as companions. The first will be "how to draw a ferret for kids", step by step. Now I was supposed to upload this ferret yesterday, but for some odd reason I totally forgot all about it. Today the ferret you will be drawing is a simple concept that has more weasel looks than anything else. I had a cousin that owned two ferrets and even though they where cute, I couldn't see myself owning one because of the horrible smell from their litter. When she offered if I wanted to buy them I had to turn her down because of the smell. Other than that, they are adorable critters, and if you are a ferret person you should fall in love with this tutorial on drawing a ferret for kids. I shall return in a bit with some other drawing fun so stay tuned in. Peace out people and enjoy!