How to Draw a Cougar for Kids

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Begin your fist step by drawing a simple circle for the head and then sketch in the face guide.


Using the shape you made in step one, draw out the structure of the cougar's head which should also include the shapes of the ears.


You will now use the facial guideline to draw in the cougar's eyes. Notice how the eyes are in a mean or serious expressive pose. Next, draw the triangular shaped nose, as well as the lips, whiskers, and teeth.


Now that the head is all drawn out, you can now draw the front legs, paws, and chest. Be sure to add some fluff to the chest to show that this cougar has some hair. Add the toe lines too.


Finish up by drawing the back lining, back leg and some of the back foot. Draw the long curled tail, and draw a marking on the tip. Erase your mistakes and or guides.


Here is your adorable cougar when you are all done. Now you can color him in and be on your way to drawing something new.

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April 23, 2012

Description: I have done a lot of awesome characters from some upcoming movies in that will be in theaters in the near future. I think its time to submit some lessons that are easy, and cute to replicate. To start, let's learn "how to draw a cougar for kids", step by step. I know a lot of people love these big cats, but not a lot of people can draw them; especially novice artists, or artists that have a problem with drawing animals still. That is why I chose to do the cougar as a 'for kids' big cats lesson. I also wanted to make this cougar have a spunky attitude and personality which is why I drew the face in with a cocky expression. You can just tell that this cougar has the confidence of a lion or another cougar that is bigger and older than he is. Drawing big cats is so incredibly fun for me. I enjoyed making this lesson on drawing a cougar for kids, I just hope you guys like it too. Stick around people because there is another 'for kids' lesson coming your way and this time it's going to be on an animal that isn't in a hurry to get anywhere soon. Adios peeps!

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