How to Draw Body Art, Mummy Heart

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Start the first step by drawing the shape of a heart in a rugged manner like so.


Start the bandage wrapping in the center of the heart with three layers. It should be wrapped around like you see here.


Continue to cover your heart in bandages one piece at a time. Start at the top and just progressively move along.


Once the left side is drawn and all wrapped up, you can start tackling the right side. Be sure to do the same exact thing as you did when you drew the bandages for the left part of the mummy heart.


Draw the loose pieces of bandage that are coming undone like so, then clean up any mistakes you may have made so you can add the detailing to a smooth image.


You will now draw the creases and folds to the heart of a mummy like so, and when you are done you can see how the line art should look when your drawing is inked out.


Here it is, body art in the form of a mummy heart. I hope you enjoyed this lesson, and be sure to join me once again.

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April 12, 2012

Description: Drawing body art for tattoos is something that I have grown to love. I have made so many different types of tattoo designs in the past and because of this making tattoo art is almost like second nature to me. Today I will show you "how to draw body art" in the form of a mummy heart. One of my favorite parts to this design is how the bandages wrap around the heart, and how they look aged as if the heart where in a tomb for hundreds of years. The coloring and shading that I did came out epically awesome. I know now that when coloring, it's best to stay true to your love of art because there is no other way to make creative drawing then to draw from what you love. This is probably one of my favorite heart designs that I have drawn in a while. I hope you guys like drawing this mummy heart that I want to call body art. If I was to get a tattoo of an old, aged heart, I would choose this one for sure. Thanks for joining me with another fantastic drawing of a new tattoo heart concept. i will be back later with my last lesson. Peace out and have fun!

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