How to Draw a Shark

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First start with an oval shape this will be the sharks torso.


Then were going to move on elongating the shape to form what's going to be the head and tail.


As you can see the shark is taking it's form in this simple sketch of the Mako shark move on to draw it's eyes and fins.


Were almost done! Clean up the sketch and erase some lines. The shark looks like it's going to attack you.


Here we are at the last but not least step to finishing our work. The Mako Shark resemble the Great White a bit. Now your ready to finish up and erase the lines and color your work.


You did it! That's it your sketch is done. You have created a beautiful creature from the sea. Add your own color and maybe a young Mako and you have a finished product. After your done coloring your sketch submit your own tutorial and be the teacher   

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December 9, 2007

Description: If you jump into the ocean with groups of sharks, your guaranteed to get ripped apart. Though beautiful sharks often mistake humans as seals in distress. Sharks have been part of the popular wild sea life scene since the creation of Jaws. I have always loved these animals because they are both powerful and beautiful. Sharks come in many different sizes and shapes, and they even come as small to fit in a home designed salt water fish tank. One of the more intriguing things about sharks are their teeth. Shark teeth or a sharks jaw are the most powerful jaws on the planet. What makes them so powerful you ask? Well maybe the fact that both their top and bottom jaws move making these creatures one of the most feared on the planet. When a shark bites, the animal uses it’s lower jaw first and then the upper jaw. When they grasp their prey in their mouths, sharks toss their heads back and forth to tear what they are about to eat. A shark will generally swallow their victims hole most of the time. I think you guys will like this tutorial on “how to draw a shark”. I guess you can say that one should have respect for these animals especially when you’re a scuba diver or oceanographer. Peace peeps, and have fun drawing one of the most feared creatures of the sea!

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