How to Draw a Halloween Monster, Halloween Monster

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The first step is going to be rather easy. Start by making two circle shapes with the first one being smaller than the second. Make a connecting neck line, and then draw a line for the body.


Begin sketching out the actual design concept of the front part of the face in a side view profile. The lining should be bubbly or full of lumps. Next, draw the mouth and long sharp teeth as well as the long tongue.


Continue to sketch out the warped design concept of the head and this should also include the cables on the sides of the face and top of the head. Once that is done draw the large lumps which will later be some of the body. Sketch in the surface flaw   


Here you will continue to draw out the body by sketching out the long, skinny arm. The arm should be sharp and angled like so, and then sketch the exposed rib cage and the veins that are attached to the bone. Lastly for this step, make another hose l   


For the last step you will be finishing the monster. Start with the back because that is the most complex area. Sketch the arch hunched over back line like so, and then draw in the cables. When that is done you can continue the process by drawing the   


Here is what this creepy monster looks like when you are all done. I guess you could say it is a creation of concept and I think it came along nicely.

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October 23, 2011

Description: So I was jammin' to great music last night, especially during my LiveStream broadcasts. This was part of the live drawing and lots of people enjoyed the creation of it. I thought “Hmm, why not make this into a tutorial”? I started this drawing a few weeks before without completing it, so that's when I finished the entire thing in Livestream. The day I started, there was just so much creativity rushing through my body as I was researching about film directing as well as acting. I wanted to create a vivid and emotional storyline for a movie and act as a strong and likeable character. Feeling the creative rush, I had to suppress it from distracting me from my art, for now. All the tubing you see on the body of this monster only portrays the rush of blood and creation throughout the body, transforming a relaxed person into a ambitious beast. Anyways, I thought this would make a great tut and lots of people have been asking me to turn it into one. It's best to draw while you listen to radical music (at the time I was listening to Deformography by Manson and TONS of Tool tunes). Music really does give you a burst of ideas while you create anything in life. Thanks for viewing and don't forget to let me know how you did. Peace!

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