How to Draw a Scary Eye, Scary Eye

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First, let's start with the guidelines that will proportion the eye perfectly. You'll want to have the middle guideline in the center where the pupil aligns with it. Sketch your guidelines quickly and lightly.


Then, let's sketch the upper lid nice and thick. You'll want thick lines for this since the eye is suppose to seem dark and eerie. The lashes should be curled upwards at the crease since we're drawing this eye from the front.


Swiftly sketch the lashes with a thick back-end so they look like roots, resulting in a more realistic appearance.


Proceeding onwards, let's lightly add in the pupil and iris. The pupil is going to be rather small and iris empty to create an empty and penetrating stare of this scary eye.


To close up the eye, we'll sketch in the tear duct and the lower lids. The second lid line is where the lower lashes will be placed.


Sketch the lower lashes in scarce areas leaving them a bit scattered and bare in some areas. We want this eye to look beautiful but painful at the same time. Shade beneath the eye for the similar effect of the preview pic.


With excess shading and further detailing, you should have something similar to this (just black and white). Go ahead and scan in your picture and use Photoshop to overlay a desired color. I hope you've enjoyed this lesson as much as I had creating i   

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October 23, 2011

Description: Ok folks, here's another cool tutorial since I haven't submitted something in quite a while. In this lesson, you will learn “how to draw a scary eye, step by step”. I was listening to wicked inspiring music as I drew this picture, most of it was Nine Inch Nails and Tool. By listening to music as you draw, you get an extra kick of energy to jump start your drawing process as well as creativity progression. I had fun painting and drawing this eye, wish I recorded it so I can post it to YouTube and make a painting tut. I started off the painting with gray-scale colors and then used an overlay layer to create the crisp blue-green color of the eye. It's good to practice with Photoshop as much as possible so you can create various combinations of effects. It's like learning new tricks with a skateboard or something. Anyways, I hope ya'll have fun with this lesson. Tune in to epic music that jump starts your drawing juices so things come along quite nicely! Thanks for viewing and have fun with this tut :)

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