How to Draw a Halloween Kitten, Halloween Kitten

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Begin with drawing a large circle shape for the head of the kitten and then make a much smaller body shape. Add the guidelines for the face and move to step two.


Draw out the actual shape of the kitten's head which is a bit like a football. Draw the pointed ears and then draw some of the neck.


Now is the time that you can sketch out the eyes, eyeballs, and then draw a nose tip and mouth. Sketch in the whiskers, and then you can sketch in the marking lines on the ears.


Sketch the front legs and paws for our kitten, notice how they are much smaller and less defined than cats.


To complete the body, sketch the back area as well as the leg that tightens with the forelegs.


Lastly, sketch and fill the bone costume for this kitten. Take your time as you sketch each individual bone and consider paying attention to the placement of them.


Here is the line art when you are all done. You can have fun coloring in the kitty and post your end results on the site.

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October 23, 2011

Description: I have something super adorable for you all today that I think most of you will flip over. I love how two tutorials came out yesterday and for the record, I am super happy that this kitty came out cute. So what am I giving you a tutorial on today? You will all be learning "how to draw a Halloween kitten", step by step. Animals are wicked fun to draw for Halloween because you can dress them up to be anything you want. For this kitten, I chose to go with a skeleton type of costume for the kitten and to be honest I think it looks great. The lesson in general is pretty easy and if you want to draw your own costume idea for your kitten you can do so. I know that this submission will get plenty of views and it’s mainly due to the fact that everyone loves a good lesson on a very cute kitten. I will be back with more drawing fun based on the Halloween season. So stay tuned in and hold onto your seats because there is much more exciting fun coming your way. Adios people and enjoy!

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