How to Draw a Halloween Puppy, Halloween Puppy

Artist: Dawn / October 23, 2011

Step 1.

Make a simple shape for the head the same way you see it here, and then draw an attached body shape too. Draw in some face guides and then move to step two.

Step 2.

For this step all you have to do is sketch out the actual shape of the puppy's head and face and then draw in the long floppy ears.

Step 3.

Use the face guides to draw in the shape of the oblong eyes, and then make the eyeballs. Draw the nose tip and then draw the lips or jowls for the mouth. Add in a tongue and sketch in a single crinkle on the nose.

Step 4.

Since I wanted to make a devil costume on this dogie, all I did was draw in a devil horned headband, and then I added some fuss on the sides of the horn. Draw a collar and move to step five.

Step 5.

Well, you are almost done with this tutorial. As you can see you have one heck of a cute puppy to decorate your windows and walls with. Draw in the front legs and paws like you see here and some of the chest.

Step 6.

Draw the hind leg and paw like so, and then draw in the small tail and cape. Once that is done you can add the the lines and begin cleaning up your drawing to perfection. If you have an idea on what type of dog breed you are making, now is the time t   

Step 7.

Here is the adorable puppy when you are all done with this tutorial. Now all you have to do is add some funky Halloween colors. Great job guys and keep it up.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 23, 2011
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Description: So you guys thought that the Halloween kitten was cute, well I have a surprise for you. Here is another great and exciting lesson on "how to draw a Halloween puppy", step by step. Here you will have so much fun making a puppy in the cutest way imaginable. The best part of this tutorial is how you can color in your drawing to look like any dog breed type there is. You could even turn a simple puppy into a beagle, Rottweiler, poodle, Labrador, golden retriever, or even a hound. I went with a mutt because as you know mutts need love too, and they are almost always adorable when they are pups. Well, that is about it. Make sure you show others your drawing when you are done because I bet they will flip and praise you for creating something so adorable. I shall return with more greatness so beware, or be scared.