How to Draw a Halloween Devil, Halloween Devil

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Draw an egg shape for the head and then draw a smaller egg shape for the body. Connect the two shape with a small dash and then add the facial guidelines.


Draw out the actual shape of the devils face structure like so, and then draw in the hair, ears, and horns. Of course you can choose to add your own personal tweaks and additions.


Draw the lining for the slanted eyes, and then make the loops for the actual shape of each eye like you see here. Draw in the mouth, and then the side burn on the right. Sketch in some detailing inside of the ear and make some crease lines under each   


Start this step by drawing the shape of the neck, and then draw the shoulders, arms, and hands. Sketch in the separation line at the waist which should be serrated for the animal like bottom.


Draw the legs and hooves in a very simple manner and then don't forget to make the tail that is hanging low behind him.


Ok, all you have to do to finish off this devil is draw in his pitch fork. Once that is done you can start cleaning up your drawing by erasing the guides and mistakes.


It's time to color in your devil because you are now all done. I hope you enjoyed this easy, but fun tutorial on drawing a Halloween devil.

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October 22, 2011

Description: Today is October 22, 2011 and that means there is only nine more days left before we can dress up as our favorite characters and ask people for candy. I noticed that there was one thing that I didn’t make for a lesson and it is something that many, many kids and adults dress up as during this holiday season. Here is a tutorial on "how to draw a Halloween devil", step by step. I was going to go with a simple little boy dressed up as a devil concept, but then I got to thinking that Halloween is supposed to be about monsters, and other scary or creepy characters. So, instead of making a person dressed up as a devil, I went ahead and made an actual devil. He is holding a pitch fork and even has hooves for feet. The concept for hoof style devil came from the beast in the movie ‘Legend’. Even though this is not going to be a complex lesson, you will still have fun with it because it is after all a devil. I guess that is all I have to say, I’ll let you try out drawing a Halloween devil for yourselves. Let me know if this tutorial was helpful or even fun by leaving a comment, rating, or faving. Peace people!

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