How to Draw a Griffon

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First, start off the very basic guidelines for the tutorial. Take your time drawing these guidelines because in the end, they'll be of great help. Start off your adventure by drawing the three large circles. Once completed, work on drawing the large    


Next, draw the outside details for the face of the griffon. It's important to draw this first before you draw the rest of the body. Once you've finished off what has to be done with the head, draw a hint of the foreleg.


Then, begin finishing off the face and ears for your griffon. The fur on the top should be started once you've completed the facial details. Once you've completed what's been said, work on finishing off the forelegs and the beginning of the hindleg.


Then, finish drawing the underfur where the neck and head join. Finish off the backside of the hindleg and start shaping up the wings. It's important to know the basic anatomy of bird wings. If you need guidance, type into the DragoArt search for "ho   


Then, finish off drawing the extra details to the griffin. You can customize any type of tail, maybe a fluffy cat's tail. Know the morals of your griffon before you actually start designing the appearance. For instance, a destructive griffon would ha   


Once you've double checked your proportions and anatomy, this is what your griffon should resemble. Make sure to see if the anatomy is correct. I really hope this tutorial has done some good! Thanks so much for viewing and have fun!

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September 18, 2010

Description: Hey everyone, I’m here with another helpful tutorial guide that will show you “how to draw a griffon”, step by step. I know, I’ve got about three griffin tutorials that are actually fairly old. I wanted to submit a lesson that really shows the power of these mighty beasts. If you’ve ever played the video game, “World of Warcraft”, you’ll find that there’s “gryphon” mounts that the alliance can ride. It seems the griffins in the game aren’t as cool as they are in conceptual art. When you draw these mythical beasts, there are so many combinations you can draw them in. For instance, what if you had this mythical creature mended with a raven and a panther? It would be pretty epic, eh? Gryphons are generally lions and eagles mixed. Many artists interpret them differently in ways that are wicked cool! In my old art, I’ve drew a gryphon that’s a mix of an eagle and leopard. The image didn’t come out so well, but it was still a cool idea. The point is, expand that artistic mind of your to create ultimately awesome creations. It’s subsided with inspiration, patience, and practice. Read books that give you information on how to create a fantasy character. There’s just countless ways to yield cool fantasy creatures, which everyone would dearly enjoy. Anyways, before you begin moving onto drawing a griffin, make sure you‘ve established on what tools you have. You’ll need a pencil, some paper (doesn’t matter which kind), an eraser, and most of all, imagination! I truly hope that this drawing tutorial will teach you well. There’s only a step by step base here, with some tips integrated with the text. Thanks for viewing and enjoy! Don’t forget to leave behind some feedback on how yours turned out.

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