How to Draw Fish Hooks

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Ok, start off the guidelines before you work on drawing the letters. I recommend using a ruler for this to make sure you get the logo drawn accurately.


Start off drawing the "Fi" for the logo. The "F" should be drawn a bit larger then the "I".


Then, draw the dot for the eye and the "S" and "H" to complete the first word "Fish". Take your time, it can get tricky because of the letters not touching the guidelines.


Next, draw the "Hook" letters. The two "O"s should be a bit spaced apart from each other to match the theme of the characters.


Lastly, finish off the two little "O"s and the "S". Once done, you're finished!


This is what your line art should resemble. Take your time and look over the lines and perspective of the words. Make sure that they are drawn correctly. I hope this tutorial has helped you! Thanks so much for viewing.

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September 18, 2010

Description: So, this is the finally the last lesson I have in store for you peeps! Like the other drawing tutorial on the Zevo-3 logo, this one is a logo that simply states the characters that's included with the show. We're going to learn “how to draw Fish Hooks”, step by step in a simple tutorial format. I already own tutorials on the characters from Fish Hooks, so I'll add a few tags at the bottom of this description that states the tags. Anyways, the logo was very easy to accomplish, it's basically a font that's varied between the letters. Like most fonts, this one has a theme of “bubbly” and “excitement”. The cartoon series will premiere sometime in October, so don't miss it! Anyways, I have to go now. Thanks so much for viewing this tutorial and don't forget to leave feedback!

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