How to Draw a Gryphon Head


Start out by picking your pencils. I sued a 2H for light shading/lines, and HB for sketching/shading, and B/4B for dark shading/lines.


Basically sketch out a "bald eagle" head. At this point, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted the griffin's feathers to look like.


Now start sketching in the main feathers. You can set them up however you want to, just keep your drawing light.


Now sketch in the rest of the feathers. Don't worry about details and values yet. You just need to have a loose idea of where you're going to take your drawing in the future.


Roughly shade in the background with an HB pencil and blend with a blending stump or paper towel.


Alright, time to start the first layer of details. I like starting around the eye. I used mainly the 2H and HB pencils for this.


Continue on by shading in the beak.


Now move on to the feathers on top of the head. You can bring in a B pencil for the darker shading here if the HB isn't cutting it.


Add in the rest of the head feathers. Since Griffins are eagle/lion hybrids I found it fitting to give this guy a tuft of fur under his chin.


Now, redefine the neck feathers.


Define the neck feathers just a bit more. At this point I knew that I wanted the feathers to be different values but I just wasn't sure yet, so I decided to move on.


Go ahead and start transitioning to the final layer of details by further defining the shading of the background. Here is where you can start using your full range of pencils including the 4B.


Divide your drawing into thirds and re-render and redefine basically all of your shading/lines. Do your best to erase away and stray lines. You may not be able to catch every inconsistency but atleast try to fix most of them.


Move on to the next third of the drawing which is mainly the neck feathers. Also make sure that you are working on the background as you trot along.


Now finish up the drawing by defining the rest of the griffin and background. This picture was entirely free handed and from my imagination but if you need references, I would recommend finding pictures of golden eagles. Any type of eagle would do bu   

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September 7, 2011

Description: Whether you choose to spell it griffin, griffon, or gryphon, chances are you know this mythical creature which has the head talons, and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. As with all mythical creatures there are a lot of different interpretations about what griffins look like, this is mine. Since griffins usually horde and guard treasure within their nests, I thought it fitting to give mine a "snarky" look. So, get your drawing materials ready for this one!

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