How to Draw a Zombie Griffon, Zombie Griffon


Start with a circle for the head and then make another shape for the back end of the body. Connect the two shapes with a body line before leaving this step.


Using the head shape that you just made, begin sketching out the actual structure of the zombie griffon's head and face. Start by drawing the top of the head, and then sketch in the large pointed but torn ears. You will then sketch in the cheeks whic   


Now that the basic shape of the griffon's head is sketched in, we can work on getting the face drawn. Start by making the shapes of the eyes and as you can see the top lid is thick, bold, and darkened. Make both eyes this way, and then sketch out the   


This is a pretty easy step because all you need to do is draw in the eagle style beak which happens to be open with the tongue sticking out. Next, and lastly for this step, draw in another gash on the cheek this time and stitch that wound up as well.


Now we can start working on getting the body drawn out. The first thing that we will tackle is the upper body. Having said that, sketch out the neck, and then with the same lining draw in the chest. The coat of the griffin is real rank and tattered.    


Before you start sketching in the good stuff, you will need to finish off the upper body. Do this by drawing out the talons or front claws, and then you can begin sketching in the detailing like the surface flaws of torn flesh, and puncture wounds on   


Here is where you will start drawing out the intestines which are pouring out of the gut of this zombie griffin. After you have completed this step, you can move to step eight where you will be closer to the end of this lesson.


Now you will draw out the large tattered wings of the griffin. Even though the wings are not filled with flaws, they are still not fluffy or new looking. Instead the ends of the wings feathers are spaced and in chunks like you see here.


Now you will finish off this zombie griffin by drawing the rest of the body. Start with the right side and sketch out the rear end, and then draw in the leg and slightly oversized foot and clawed toes. Draw out the other leg and foot, and then finish   


This is the last step and as you can see it is what your line art should look like. Color in the zombie griffin to your liking, and you are all done.

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September 15, 2011

Description: Well guys you wanted it, now you got it. Here is the tutorial that a few people requested on "how to draw a zombie griffon", step by step. This was great fun to create and I think that most of you are going to like what you see. I was also asked why I’m doing so many of the zombie animal characters, and my response to that is, they are fun to draw, and they’re cool. Some of the blood and guts might be a little gross, but since they are all drawn in a pretty simple manner it doesn't stand out as much as a realistic type of zombie creature like from Resident Evil or something. The griffin was drawn in Live stream and even though the sketch took a while, it was well worth the work. Creating new and unique concepts is what art is all about. Ideas come from the inside, and as an artist it goes from there. My brother said that the most gruesome zombie animal that I have done so far is the horse. I don’t know if I agree with that, but whatever. Well that’s all I really have to say for this tutorial description, it’s now time for you guys to have a blast with drawing a zombie griffon of your own. Peace out and try not to get too sick.

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