How to Draw a Chibi Gryphon

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Are you ready for a super fun lesson? Good, then let's get started. Start with a circle and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the small shape of the griffin's body and then add the very triangular shaped wing lines as you see here. L   


All you will do here is draw out two good sized circles for the eyes, and then color them in. You will add some detailing on the bottom of the eyes as you see here and then draw the small beak.


Here is where you will start sketching out the top shape of the chibi gryphon's head and then add some feathering detail. Next draw the outlined shape of both ears as you see here and add the eyebrows.


Finish sketching out the face and then add detail and definition inside of the ears. Sketch out the form of the body, and then draw the front legs, and add toes and chest feathers.


You are almost done. Start sketching out the nicely shaped chibi wings and then add detailing to the feathers as you see them here. Don't rush this step because getting the wings drawn right is probably one of the more important things.


Finish drawing the bottom half of the chibi gryphon's body and then draw the legs and tail. As you know all griffins have a lion tipped tail, so be sure that you add some hair at the end of the tail. You can start erasing all the guidelines and shape   


Now that your done, you have a completed drawing that looks as cute as a button. Color in the fantasy creature and that's it. Please join me again for another fun filled lesson.

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February 6, 2010

Description: It's chibi time! Before I went live yesterday I was trying to contemplate what I could draw that would make for a cool and fun tutorial. As I started to go live I looked to the left and saw the word “Griffin” in the fantasy category. Did you know that there is only five gryphons in that section? Instead of drawing a new fantasy creature of the same concept, I thought it would be fun to show you guys "how to draw a chibi gryphon, step by step”. The end result is a drawing that is extremely amazing and cute. The face is the best part about this fantasy chibi creature and I'm sure that you will all agree with me when I say that this is an epic lesson. Although most of the time drawing gryphons can be a bit complicated, this version is relatively easy. You can even turn this baby bird into a great Valentines Day gift by drawing hearts and adding some red to the pink background color. In general these bird hybrids are one of the most popular fantasy creatures around to this day. Another one of my favorite creatures is the phoenix and of course the unicorn. Maybe I will do a complete series of fantasy chibi characters. I mean wouldn't you think that drawing creatures of myth is an awesome concept to start? Anyways, that does it for this description. I will be back later with some more drawing fun. Peace out guys and keep flying high with colors in your eyes.

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