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How to Draw a Griffin Easy

Artist: Dawn / June 5, 2017
How to Draw a Griffin Easy

Step 1.

Make a circle for the head, then draw guidelines for the beak, face and beck.

Step 2.

You will work on drawing the brow or forehead of the griffin. Since you are drawing this bird creature from the side, it will be easier for you to handle. Add some feathery hair swooping up.

Step 3.

Now you can draw the griffin's beak or bill. Notice that the beak looks like hawks and eagles.

Step 4.

Draw the slanted eye shape, then add detailing where you see it in this step.

Step 5.

Draw the griffin's pointed ears, then you can add the detailing to the coat to make it look like fur or fluff.

Step 6.

For the last step all you have to do is draw the back part of the neck, the front part of the neck, and some of the griffon's chest. Add some texture definition as well.

Step 7.

You have to remember to erase the guidelines and mistakes before you color in your drawing. If you don't you will have yourself a messy looking image.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 5, 2017
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Description: So you want an easy tutorial on something in the fantasy category huh? Well, here's an idea. How about a lesson on "how to draw a griffin easy", step by step. This is one fantasy creature that I have been in love with since I was a very young girl after I picked up my first fantasy novel. Drawing griffins as always been one of the creatures from lore that I have been in love with. Hopefully this tutorial helps those who need it, and having said that let me say good luck, have fun and adios.