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How to Draw a Gryphon

Artist: phoenixcelestius / March 27, 2012
How to Draw a Gryphon

Step 1.

Draw an oval for the head. I will draw guide lines in black and real lines in red.

Step 2.

Using the oval as a guide, draw the head and beak. I don't have a magical method for drawing the beak, but it is pretty simple to draw this basic beak.

Step 3.

Draw a circle underneath the head where you want the gryphon's chest to be. Make it big and proud!

Step 4.

OK, now draw the two graceful curves of the neck that connect the head to the chest. Draw another smaller circle inside the chest circle, and make the guide lines for the front legs. The small circles are the joints, and the lines are the limbs.

Step 5.

Draw the front leg and foot along the guide lines, making sure that the joints bend in the direction they're supposed to. Connect the chest line to the front leg, and extend the shoulder line just a bit.

Step 6.

Draw another big circle for the gryphon's hip, and draw the guide lines for the back leg. Also, now is a good time to draw the flat line of the ground so that the front and back feet will be at the same height.

Step 7.

Draw the back leg and foot along the guide lines, and then draw the tail. Don't worry about guide lines for the tail. It should be natural, free, and flowing, just like your pencil motion. Draw the belly by connecting the chest and the hind leg with    

Step 8.

Let's not forget about the legs on the other side! Erase the current guide lines, and draw new guide lines for the other legs. Now draw the new legs along those guide lines.

Step 9.

And now for my favorite part: WINGS! If you've seen my simple bird wing tutorial, this is basically the same thing. We start with the first layer of the wing.

Step 10.

...And the second layer.

Step 11.

Draw the guide lines for the final layer. It should be longer than either of the first two layers. I added a small curve that connects the two guide line parts so that when I draw the feathers, they will connect more naturally.

Step 12.

...And the third layer! Don't be afraid to make the primaries nice and long.

Step 13.

Using guide lines, draw the second wing. Also, don't forget to add decorative feathers on the head and tail!

Step 14.

Draw some feathers to separate the top of the gryphon from its belly. Now the part you've all been waiting for... Erase ALL the guide lines! YAY! You're done!

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Artist: phoenixcelestius
Date Added: March 27, 2012
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Tags: how to draw griffins, how to draw gryphons
Description: It's been a long time since I made my first tut, so here's a new one that I'm sure many of you would like! This is my way of drawing a gryphon, although as you get better at drawing it, you won't need so many guide lines. Enjoy!