How to Draw a Birthday Cat

Artist: Sandy_Candy / October 11, 2012

Step 1.

Hi guys, are you ready to tackle this lesson!? Well, If you are then lets get started!! First, draw her head and her ears.

Step 2.

Now draw her eyes, mouth and whiskers. Remember that her whiskers are similar to Hello Kitty's and not like normal cats you see.

Step 3.

Then you can draw her kitty bell and collar! Isn't it cute?! :3

Step 4.

Then draw her little arms which are a little on the stubby side! :D

Step 5.

Draw her body and tail. I should have probably made her body more chubbier, don't you think??

Step 6.

There's quite a bit to do on this step! But forgive me, I'm very lazy today! :P

Step 7.

Now draw her bow near her right ear! :D

Step 8.

I'm not too sure on what happened to her eye here but for now just ignore that and erase your guide lines and mistakes!!

Step 9.

Finally, you can colour her in! And once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANIMEGIRL15!!

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Artist: Sandy_Candy
Date Added: October 11, 2012
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Description: Happy Birthday, Animegirl15!! Well, this is my birthday present I promised! :) I hope you like this Animegirl15, and anyone else who views!!