How to Draw a Ford Mustang

Artist: Dawn / February 3, 2008

Step 1.

Lets start this step with some simple line shapes. Look at the image and and position the lines exactly how they are shown. There are four lines going across, and three lines going down. These guidelines will allow you to draw the 67 Shelby alot easi   

Step 2.

Now what you want to do here in this step is sketch out and draw the top half of the car using the guidelines you drew. As you can see if you follow the directions this way you should no problem sketching this image.

Step 3.

Now this is where the sketch starts to take more shape. After you draw the hood and roof of the car, start sketching out the front fender, side panels, rear fender, and the outlines for the driver side window. Detail the side panel of the Shelby by d   

Step 4.

In this step i suggest that you enlarge the image. One thing about the 67 Shelby Mustang is that the body has pocked grooves all over the car, but fortunatly you will only have to sketch out a couple. Right at the end of the door where the handle wi   

Step 5.

Here in this step what you will be doing is detailing the tires and the BF Goodrich tires. This is probably one of the hardest parts to draw in the entire sketch because the letters are so small and the rims are very detailed. Finish off the side str   

Step 6.

This is your finished sketch. All you have to do is erase the guidelines and sketch marks made with your pencil. You can color the Shelby Mustang any color you want, I think a nice cherry red or bright blue would look good, but hey that's your choice   

Step 7.

First color your car anyway you want. Do this on a separate layer beneath the line art layer. When you’re finished coloring the mustang car, select the dodge tool and duplicate your color layer. This will prevent you from making mistakes. If you ma   

Step 8.

Now, set your dodge tool to these settings. Set it to highlights and the opacity to 24%. This will give your 67 Shelby Mustang GT500 its shine. Remember do this on your duplicated layer, you don't want to do it on the original because you will not be   

Step 9.

For a more realistic shine, add smaller shine spots in that giant shine blotch. This will make it look like the sun is hitting it on a hot summers day. Can you fell the heat coming off it? I can and it burns. Now your car looks clean, shinny, and smo   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 3, 2008
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Description: The 1967 Shelby Mustang GT-500 is by far one of the most awesome cars around. When you wanna talk about muscle cars, the 67 Shelby is always mentioned. Gone in 60 seconds has a bad Shelby made specifically for the movie, I think it cost like over 150 grand to replicate the original model. This machine came off the factory floor with a 355 horsepower engine. There is a lot more features about this sports car that I’m sure I don’t know. Ford has come a long way since 1967, although I have to say I’m not too fond of there newer models at all they seem like cheap wanna be replicas. Mustangs came out with another bad machine, the 1986 SVO; they only made a handful, somewhere around 3,000 I think. Let’s get back to talking about the 67 Shelby 500GT, for one they all came with the side strips that read either GT350 or GT500. Back in 1967, if you where looking to purchase the 67 Shelby you had two options to choose from, the GT350 which continued with the 271 horsepower 289 hi-pro, which came with hi-rise aluminum Cobra intakes. Four speeds used 715 cfm Holley’s, and the automatics used the 595 cfm. Now with the GT500s, Ford debut the cars with a 428 police interceptor to all Shelby models. The 67 Shelby came with two Holly 600 cfm 4 barrels, and on top of the carburetors there was a finned oval cobra air cleaner to enhance the air intake to help maximize power. The fact remains that this car was and still is a high performance vehicle, and if I could buy one I would, but since I can’t all I can do is draw one of my own. This tutorial shows you "how to draw a Ford Mustang". I included detailed step by step instructions on how to draw this model and also how to color the car in adobe Photoshop CS. I know you will have fun with this sketch.